Why is sex in the car illegal?

I presume It’s only illegal to be engaged in sexual activity while driving a car. The same goes for texting, taking selfies, or putting on make-up, for that matter. Any distracted driving is illegal. Sex in a parked car clearly visible to passersby might be illegal by way of “Indecent Exposure,” but I’m not sure. Sex in a parked car not visible to others is no more illegal than sex in one’s own bedroom. In a related matter, I once saw an interesting sign on the side of a vehicle: “If this van’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’.”

DadCrush – a place where sex is always allowed!

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In Christian cultures, nearly anything to do with sex except face-to-face copulation with the sacrament of marriage and sans birth control has been taboo, and laws were enacted to give the taboos a secular rationale. In recent times, in enlightened parts of the world and even in the USA, activists were able to repeal laws against adultery and sodomy and unnatural acts and pornography and birth control and abortion and homosexuality and nudity. But sex in cars is usually the province of young people without a private bedroom and without a vote, so there’s been a lack of advocacy for legalization.