Romford is located in east London and it serves as an administrative center for London Borough of Havering. The town developed gradually with the improvement in the infrastructure of road and railway network in 1830s. Since then the economic development has taken place and the expertise is shifted from agriculture to retail and commerce.
Almost 64% of the residents of Romford are Christians, rest are White British, Asians and Black.


Romford Chauffeur Service

At Romford, we’ll be providing our chauffeur service to all the minority and majority groups, as well as business personnel. Whether you want to reach airport immediately or you want to go to your own wedding as a bride and groom, Diplomat Chauffeur is a perfect choice for you to maintain your high standards and reputation.
Since we have an updated navigation system installed in our cars, you don’t need to memorize the short routes through which you’ll escape all the traffic and reach your destination. Our driver are trained to cater to your unique needs. They are professional and they will treat you with courtesy and politeness.
Moreover, safety is not something you need to be concerned about when you’re travelling with Diplomats. Customers are our first priority and so is their security. That’s why we monitor and track each ride through our computerized systems, at our main office.
Along with the core services, we also offer some value added services during the journey such as magazines and a personal tablet with Wi-Fi will be provided to all the customers to stay updated with the newsfeed, etc.
We take acre of such nitty-gritties because these factors eventually account for your overall experience, and we want you to have a wonderful journey with us, not only in Romford but also when you travel to other cities including Ilford, Canary Wharf, Stratford, Chelsea etc.
Feel free to contact us for any details and information.